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Joe McCall - Creative Real Estate Investing

Episode Summary

Joe has flipped over 100 property deals and helped students flip 100’s more. He loves doing deals and coaching students to do the same. Joe has been fortunate to receive more student testimonials than he can count.

Episode Notes

How can you invest in property without having funds? You need to use creative strategies!
My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with Joe McCall. Joe invests remotely in multiple markets and he loves creating automated marketing systems.
his teams have flipped multiple lease options and regular wholesale deals – without him seeing the house or talking to the sellers or the buyers – ever.

Joe believes that the greatest part of this business is that he gets the privilege of working wherever and whenever he wants – from home, from Starbucks, the pool, a condo in Colorado, a coffee shop in Prague, a farmhouse in Ireland – wherever!

In today’s conversation I ask Joe what the difference is between the strategies that he has used to invest in property compared to the more ‘traditional’ strategies that most people would be more familiar with.

In this episode you’ll learn…

How Joe’s father sparked the entrepreneurial itch at a young age

Why Joe and his wife chose to homeschool their children

How Joe transitioned from a full time corporate job to making more money by flipping properties part time

Why creative property strategies can allow you to travel and still generate an income no matter where in the world you are

Joe’s advice for getting started and getting educated in creative property strategies for free

Why it’s important to prove that you can make some money in your new venture before you quit your job

Joe’s tips for systemising your business through automation and delegation wherever possible

Why creating a future vision for what you wish your life to look like can really help bring that to life


‘I was making more money flipping property than I was in my job’ -JoeMcCall

‘It’s not that we’re anti-public schools it’s just that we’re so pro homeschool because of the freedom it gives us’ -JoeMcCall

‘The smart entrepreneurs are focused. Focused makes you rich, and shiny objects make you blind’ -JoeMcCall

‘My biggest breakthroughs have come in my business when I’ve started asking bigger questions’ -JoeMcCall

‘You need to be thinking in terms of marketing, automation and delegation [in your business]’ -JoeMcCall

‘I’m going to stop asking ‘what if?’ and start asking ‘what next?’’ -JoeMcCall

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